We help to keep your utility bills under control!

UtilityCamp is a simple online tool that helps you keep track of your household energy consumption and offers information on how to be more efficient. Also, we provide easy and affordable hardware that you yourself can install to your power meter. You don't need an electrician or a specialist to install our device. You just simply stick our sensor to a power meter and you're good to go! Learn more...

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Meet our products

  • Power consumption monitoring hardware

    We design and ship the newest technology to monitor your household power consumption. You can choose between optical input or current clamps for the measurement device. They are easy to install and fun to watch.

  • Mobile and web application

    All our devices communicate their measurements to an online information system. You can access your consumption information comfortably from every internet-capable computer or from your smartphone. Did I forget to switch off my oven? No problem, just check it out now!

  • Virtual consumption analyzer

    With our virtual consumption analyzer you can easily get a clear picture of your consumption patterns and behavior. We provide human language explanations and tips. You don't have to be a scientist or a math guru to understand this information. Let us crunch the numbers for you!

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    Friday, August 10

    As we have mentioned in our other posts, Europe aims to reduce its primary energy use by 20% by 2020, a target which is not legally binding. The Energy Efficiency Directive was proposed by the European Commission in mid-2011 as part of its…

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